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Buying Arte products

  • Yes.
    All of Arte's products are permanently in stock in Zonhoven (Belgium) and our global distributors can check availability online. 

    The logistical experience that Arte has accumulated during its 30 years as an international company guarantees prompt deliveries in all continents. In neighbouring countries, we can deliver to our clients within 24 or 48 hours after an order is placed.

  • You can find a nearby reseller or distributor here

    Or you can visit one of our showrooms in Paris, Culemborg, London and LA. 

  • You can read the general conditions of sale here.

Technical information

  • We have developed Clearpro, a professional adhesive. 

    It is an extremely easy and ready-to-use adhesive that guarantees perfect results. The adhesive has an extremely long open time, as well as a strong initial tack. The first feature allows you to work comfortably and makes it possible to move the wallcovering easily against the adhesive. The second feature ensures optimal and fast adhesion, to reduce the risk of open seams to an absolute minimum. 
    Click here for more info on Clearpro or watch the instruction video. 

  • The match indicates how the wallpaper drops connect, so that the design or pattern joins correctly. You must take this into account when calculating the required amount of wallcovering. The hanging instructions supplied always contain one of the following instructions:

    Free match: the wallpaper has no pattern, so you can hang the drops freely against each other. Always place them in the same direction, unless the enclosed hanging instructions state that they must be reverse hung. (See Technical information > What does reverse hanging mean?)

    Straight match: You must take the pattern into account. If the pattern on the different drops always appears at the same height, there is a straight match. Watch the instruction video for wallpapering with a straight match here.

    Drop match: You must take the pattern into account. If the pattern on the different drops appears at different heights, there is a drop match. Watch the instruction video for wallpapering with a drop match here.

  • This means that each drop is hung in the opposite direction from the previous drop to achieve a uniform result. With a free match, you must sometimes reverse hang the drops to avoid slight colour differences. If so, this symbol will be clearly indicated on the rolls.
    Watch the instruction video on reverse hanging here.

  • The wall must be dry, flat, slightly absorbent and clean. In addition, it must have a neutral and uniform colour. For a flawless finish, you must first remove the old paper. We recommend our Easypro wallcovering remover for this, a professional, ready-to-use and splash-free gel.  More information and an instruction video about Easypro can be found here.

  • Double cutting is required for wallcoverings supplied with untrimmed edges. This means that the sides are removed during installation. You do this by overlapping the drops by a few centimetres (taking the pattern into consideration) and then cutting through both drops using a utility knife or a double-cutter. Remove the cut edges of both drops and you will have a perfect seam. 

    We explain this, step by step, in our instruction video about double-cutting.

  • Some types of wallpaper or wallcovering are handmade and/or made from real natural products. Each metre is unique and there is no repeating pattern. Thus, the different drops will be clearly seen. This is an intended effect that emphasizes the authentic charm of the wallcovering.

  • Wallpaper or wallcovering with a paper backing usually expands slightly when it gets wet. If you put glue on the drops, they will expand and become slightly wider before you place them on the wall. Then you can place the drops nicely against each other. When the glue dries, it holds the drops in place in their full width. If you glued the wall and placed dry drops together in the glue, they would still expand on the wall and because they no longer fit, the seams would rise. 

    Because it is much easier to glue the wall, Arte has come up with a solution for this. When you use Clearpro wallpaper glue to hang vinyl wallcoverings with a paper backing, you can wet the drops with water and apply the glue to the wall. 

    Be sure to watch our instruction video about this method. 

    Attention: this is not possible with traditional wallpaper glue.

Problems & solutions

  • Most wallpaper gives off an odour after it has been installed. This is due to the application of the glue to the wallpaper. This odour will diminish during the drying period. With good ventilation, the odour disappears completely within a few days.

  • You must report any visible defects in delivered materials to the place where the wallpaper was bought before you apply it, on pain of expiry. If you have already started applying the wallcovering, you must report complaints about visible defects to the place where the wallpaper was bought after hanging three lengths, on pain of expiry.

    Complaints must be made by registered letter stating all relevant facts and accompanied by a copy of the invoice for the delivered material, as well as a sample of the wallcovering that is the subject of the complaint, plus the roll labels. 

    If the complaint is founded, Arte's liability will remain restricted to replacing the materials which have been found to be defective free of charge. Labour costs will not be refunded. Arte's guarantee obligations for hidden defects are restricted to a period of 6 months following delivery, on the condition that the buyer reports them no later than 8 days after they have discovered or should have discovered the defect.