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Easypro wallcovering remover


Professional wallcovering remover

Ready-to-use gel for effective removal of all types of wallpaper and wallcovering. 
Easypro removes all types of wallpaper effortlessly, including painted non-woven and fibreglass wallpaper.

  • Removes all types of wallpaper effortlessly
    (Painted) fibreglass wallpaper
    (Painted) non-woven wallpaper
    Vinyl and textile wallcoverings
    Paper wallpaper
    Natural products
    3D wallcoverings

    Powerful, high-quality wallpaper remover
    Suitable for all wall types (even plasterboard)

    Does not splash
    Easy to apply evenly
    Does not damage the wall
    Has a gentle fixing effect

    Ready to use
    Permeates wallcovering fast and effectively 
    Does not penetrate the surface, so work can be continued quickly after the wallcovering is removed.

    Environmentally friendly
    Biodegradable and not harmful to humans or nature 
    Clean equipment with water after use - pH-neutral 
    Does not irritate the skin or respiratory system

    5 l = ± 30 m²

    5 l

  • - Pour the gel into a paint bucket. Apply with a long-haired roller. Use a brush on skirting boards and in corners.
    - The gel must be able to penetrate the wallpaper to the glue. Always test it on a small piece first and let it soak in.
    - If the gel has penetrated into the wallpaper after the exposure time, apply it over the entire surface and allow it to soak in (estimate: 20 minutes).
    - For extra thick wallpaper (3D wallcovering, for example), apply a second coat and let it soak again.
    - Then pull the strips off the wall from top to bottom.
    - If the wallpaper is not permeable, check whether you can strip off the top layer. If this is easy, remove this top layer of the wallpaper.
    - Apply Easypro to the base layer and let it soak in. Then pull this layer off the wall.
    - If the top layer cannot be stripped off, sand it lightly.
    - Apply Easypro and let it soak in. Then pull the wallpaper off the wall.