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CO2 Neutral label


Arte has achieved the internationally and officially recognised CO₂ neutral label by the independent climate expert, CO2logic, a South Pole company. This label can only be obtained after a thorough annual audit of our entire climate journey.

Calculation of our emissions 

Our emissions are carefully calculated each year by the independent organisation South Pole. In 2019, when our emissions were first calculated, they amounted to 1930 ton CO2 (transport not included). In 2022 this was already reduced to 1494, even with a serious growth of Arte's business during these years.

It goes without saying that Arte continuously takes action to further reduce our emissions. These calculations enable us to develop a roadmap for a more climate-conscious future. It is a big step to building a robust climate strategy, where beauty meets climate responsibility. Our aim is to further diminish these emissions to 1092 ton by 2030.

CO2 reduction plan

South Pole, the organisation that measures our CO2 emissons, divides the measurements into 3 scopes. Arte is dedicated to taking action in all three of them.

Energy & company vehicles: - 47% by 2030

Scope 1 & 2 encompass fuel combustion of company cars, natural gas consumption, refrigerant losses of airconditioning and purchased electricity. We are taking all possible measures to reduce these emissions with 47% by 2030. 

Our climate initiatives include amongst others:

  • Reduce energy consumption from the building through efficiency measures across heating and electricity 
  • Increase solar capacity and switch to 100% green electricity in all buildings
  • Convert car fleet to electric cars and/or ebikes
  • Shift from natural gas to biogas
  • Minimise waste and phase out potent coolants

Travelling, commuting & waste: - 28% by 2030

The factors measured within scope 3 encompass waste, employee commuting, transmission loss of fuel and electricity consumption and business travel. Our aim is to reduce these emissions with 28% by 2030.

Our climate initiatives include amongst others:

  • Shift from conventional cars to electric for commuting 
  • Shift from conventional private cars to train/bike through incentives (cafetariaplan, bicycle allowance)
  • Shift treatment of nonwoven waste from incineration to recycling
  • Increase telework, up to 15% of the total working days in a year
  • Reduce business travels and shift from economy class short-haul flights to high-speed or night trains
  • Reduce total waste volume generated by further optimalization of waste management

Arte's CO2 emissions