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About Arte

The Arte family business is born out of a vision for beauty. As designer, manufacturer and distributor of high-end wallcovering, Arte strives to translate its passion for aesthetics, craftsmanship and quality into all its activities up to the smallest details.


The well-thought-out designs – sometimes exuberant, sometimes modest – transform Arte’s wallcovering into a versatile element of atmosphere both for residential applications and public and hospitality purposes.

Design & Research

Arte is constantly looking for innovative production methods and first-rate, surprising materials without losing sight of the trends.


Arte shows off worldwide with its edgy, extravagant, classical or exclusive look but you can only really beam with joy when you are beautiful on the inside. Since starting the business in 1981 Arte has been launching initiatives in various areas to ensure the story behind the wallcovering is as beautiful as what the product on the wall shows us.

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