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Arte is a climate responsible company
From a vision of beauty, Arte always strives to combine craftsmanship, quality and sustainability in all its activities. Therefore, in line with its sense of social responsibility, Arte is striving for a positive and sustainable combination of design, emotion, people and the environment.

Arte is committed to offsetting residual emissions
Having achieved the international, officially recognised carbon neutral label, Arte’s mission is to take climate change seriously. We don’t like empty promises and smooth sales talk: we prefer to take concrete action by offsetting our residual emissions. This CO₂ neutral label can only be obtained by means of a thorough, annual, company-wide audit by the external organisation Southpole (

What does all this actually mean?

Arte is committed to reducing its ecological footprint as much as possible.
This entails a constant process of accountability throughout the entire organisation.

  1. Wallcoverings (non-woven and paper)
    Our wallcoverings are made from FSC-certified materials. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an organisation dedicated to preserving and maintaining the world’s forests.

  2. Colours
    Our colours are made using the highest quality water-based inks that do not contain heavy metals.

  3. Production
    Our production process complies with all the strict European environmental and safety standards.

  4. Packaging material
    Our packaging is made of recycled or recyclable materials.

  5. Energy consumption: gas and electricity
    30% of our energy is generated by our own solar panels. The remaining 70% is made up of supplementary green energy. What’s more, the company’s entire 20,000 m² site is lit with LED lighting.

  6. Waste
    We sort our waste carefully in our own waste management and recycling centre. Water used in production is purified at our on-site water treatment plant. Any residual inks are collected and reused.

Arte offsets CO₂ emissions over which it has no control

Transport of our goods is the largest source of emissions (75%), and Arte and many other such companies do not have full control of it. For the most part, this lies in the hands of third parties such as transport companies and individual user behaviour.

This, along with other residual CO₂ emissions at Arte (25%), is carefully calculated by Southpole. We then take responsible action by offsetting our calculated emissions, doing everything in our power as a company to become carbon neutral.

This offsetting is done through carefully selected projects designed to impact global carbon emissions:

Building 30 wind turbines in India:

the energy generated provides electricity for 50,000 households.

Sustainable agricultural management in Kenya:

informing and supporting farmers in implementing sustainable farming practices that both increase yields and reduce their environmental impact.