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Global commitment


Transport of our goods is the largest source of emissions (75%), and Arte and many other such companies do not have full control of it. For the most part, this lies in the hands of third parties such as transport companies and individual user behaviour.

However, this does not mean that we do not take action in this field. We continue to support our transport partners to encourage more sustainable transportation practices and empower our customers to make informed, sustainable choices.

CO2 emissions offset

On top of that, we take responsibility for our remaining emissions today by contributing to global climate projects. This way we offset our calculated emissions, doing everything in our power as a company to become carbon neutral. We fund climate action projects that have a positive impact on global CO₂ emissions and drive sustainable development around the world.

Andhra Lake Wind Power

Located Andhra Lake, in the western Indian State of Maharashtra, this project involves the installation and operation of 63 wind turbines that generate green electricity. Displacing energy created through the burning of fossil fuels, the project both reduces global greenhouse gas emissions and boosts the country’s transition towards a low-carbon economy.

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Sustainable Timber Plantations Ghana 

This project conserves, restores and promotes the sustainable use of forest resources across three reserves in southern Ghana. It works in conjunction with the Ghanaian government, which has committed urgent policies to improve the state of the country’s degraded forestland.

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