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Spring 2024

Le Couturier

Fashion and interior design have always strongly influenced each other. This collection looks to the world of haute couture for inspiration – a world committed to craftsmanship, where each garment attests to the couturier's savoir-faire and exceptional artisanship. These special techniques and high-quality materials have now been combined in a collection of high-fashion wallcoverings.


Step into the world of Kanso, inspired by the Japanese concept of minimalism and simplicity in interior design. The collection embodies the essence of design, bringing together sleek and seemingly simple geometric patterns. The pronounced texture of the wallcoverings adds a tactile dimension to the room, while the soft velvet fabric lends it a sense of warmth and cosiness. The result is a collection that exudes luxury without excess, where all the patterns and colours are carefully designed to offer timeless elegance.

Wild Silk

The Wild Silk collection is made of real silk, highlighting the versatility of this pure fabric with three distinct types of silk. Each silk in this collection has its own story to tell, with a subtle sheen, robust weave or delicate finesse. Turn your walls into expressive canvases with the luxurious sheen that only real silk can provide. The natural look and feel of this unique, organic fabric adds timeless charm to your interiors. The Wild Silk collection strikes just the right balance between understated elegance and the raw beauty of nature.


The wallcoverings in this collection revisit the glamour of mid-century Japan. After World War II, Japan experienced tremendous growth, sparking a transformation marked by vibrant optimism and progressive thinking. In interior design, this hopeful mood manifested itself in new, mostly shiny materials and exuberant patterns, of which there are an abundance in the Boutique wallcoverings.


Imagine a leisurely, long, balmy summer evening on a Hawaiian veranda, whiling away the time in a comfy wicker rocking chair. Why rush? You’re on holiday, after all. Lanai was inspired by this sentiment. This enchanting wallpaper collection with an exotic twist was named after the Hawaiian word for veranda. Each design was hand-crafted and inlaid or embroidered with rattan and raffia with the utmost care, after which this superb artisanal artistry was rendered in vinyl. Lanai comes to life on the wall in fresh, natural colour combinations.