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Daily actions


From a vision of beauty, Arte always strives to combine craftsmanship, quality and sustainability in all its activities. Therefore, in line with its sense of social responsibility, Arte is striving for a positive and sustainable combination of design, emotion, people and the environment.

Our daily actions

We take several general measures to work as eco-friendly as possible. The following are only a small take from a large array of actions:

  • Wallcoverings (non-woven and paper)
    Our wallcoverings are made from FSC-certified materials. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an organisation dedicated to preserving and maintaining the world’s forests.
  • Colours
    Our colours are made using the highest quality water-based inks that do not contain heavy metals.
  • Production
    Our production process complies with all the strict European environmental and safety standards.
  • Packaging material

    Our packaging is made of recycled or recyclable materials.
  • Energy consumption: gas and electricity
    30% of our energy is generated by our own solar panels. The remaining 70% is made up of supplementary green energy. What’s more, the company’s entire 20,000 m² site is lit with LED lighting.
  • Waste
    We sort our waste carefully in our own waste management and recycling centre. Water used in production is purified at our on-site water treatment plant. Any residual inks are collected and reused.