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The natural product sisal, a hardwearing fibre from the agave plant, forms the basis of the Marqueterie collection. The natural woven pieces are cut and arranged by hand in different patterns. The traditional marquetery or inlay reveals striking geometric figures. Both the different direction of the weave and the colours create an unusual depth and texture to this 100% hand-made wallcovering. Depending on the incidence of light and the viewing position, a subtle sheen will become apparent.

Detour is a playful, geometric design. The maze pattern and double direction of the sisal weave create a 3D effect. The three colours used enhance this result. 

Biseau draws its inspiration from a decorative frame with mitred corners. The diagonal inlays contrast with the light, horizontal background. The different directions of the sisal weave ensure an incomparable 3D effect.

This geometric pattern plays tricks with optical perception; one person might see triangles, the other squares. The woven sisal is arranged horizontally, vertically, ascending diagonally and descending diagonally. These four directions create different geometric shapes and colour nuances. 

Puzzle is a geometric, colourful and random patchwork of both straight and curved shapes. Although they are irregular, the pieces of the puzzle still fit neatly together. It's a genuine work of art on your wall!

No striking patterns here, just a plain wallcovering that radiates peace and warmth. Line is made of sisal, a fine jute fibre, resulting in a pure wallcovering with many natural shades.