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How wallcoverings can elevate your ceilings

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name ‘Sistine Chapel’? The chances are that you immediately envisage the ceiling painting in which God extends his hand to Adam. That is how you create impact with a decorated ceiling. While one of Michelangelo's frescoes may be somewhat over the top, a carefully curated wallcovering on your ceiling will make an indelible impression.

When designing our interiors, we tend to consider what to do with the walls and the floors, taking time to pick the perfect furniture, decoration and lighting. But sadly, ceilings are overlooked, which is unfortunate. Because let's face it, you can turn your ceiling into a real eye-catcher with very little effort. Moreover, a room in which even the ceiling has been decorated looks deliciously luxurious, right?

How you go about this depends on the ambience you are looking to create. A stunning print that catches the eye will immediately define the entire room. The colour might contrast with your walls, or link harmoniously with them. Or why not carry the wallcovering from your walls through to the ceiling for the ultimate bold statement?

Another option is to use different levels as a more creative move. Use a wallcovering for the recessed sections of your coffered ceiling for a visually arresting dynamic. The reverse is equally fun: extend your wallcovering across all the ceiling elements, including arches and beams. Don't have a recessed ceiling, arches or beams? Combine your wallcovering with moulding or slats for an exciting result. And if you want to go all out, why not divide your room optically by combining different patterns on the ceiling?

Worried about overdoing it? Start gradually, with a stylish plain wallcovering or a small, subtle print. Natural wallcoverings such as woven grasses, cork, or wood veneer also create a sense of balance and inner calm. How about a warm textile wallcovering? Can you think of anything more luxurious than real silk on your ceiling? You can also transform your ceiling by using a textured wallcovering. As the light changes, the ceiling takes on a different look too.

Use a wallcovering for your ceiling and you'll see something interesting from the moment you wake up.

Practical benefits

Wallcoverings add a nice touch to your ceiling, but they also serve a more practical purpose. In addition to concealing any unsightly cracks, they can also reduce reverberation and disruptive noises in a noisy room. And they can make a huge difference on other levels too. While high ceilings may look chic and luxurious, a room may also feel cold and impersonal as a result. A beautiful wallcovering in warm colours and materials gives any space a more intimate, cosy feel.