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There’s nothing like a well-curated painting or magnificent XL photo to make your wall more visually arresting. But there are plenty of other ways to add some pizazz to your home. What about turning the wall itself into a work of art? How, you might wonder? With a life-sized panoramic wallcovering, a scene that offers you something new to discover from every angle. Preferably printed on a unique material for an even more luxurious look and feel.

A panoramic is like a giant painting, a real work of art that elevates your interior.

A life-sized work of art

A panoramic is a scenic floor-to-ceiling spectacular, spanning several metres, and boasting a unique design. Unlike other wallcoverings, there is no repetition, no recurring pattern. Instead, it's like a giant painting, a real work of art that elevates your interior.

Bringing life to your wall

Panoramics tell a story in a single, evocative image, giving you the opportunity to lose yourself in a picturesque Tuscan mountain landscape, or a water world full of nymphs and sirens; to take a stroll among rice fields, or explore centuries-old ruins…

Luxury materials

Panoramics are often printed on the most luxurious materials, including super-soft chenille, or fabric with a rougher linen texture or a glossy silk sheen. The look and feel of parchment or 3D textile that resembles plaster, based on the clay sculptures of ancient Mesopotamia. So the material itself enhances the story unfolding on your wall.

A fabulous place to start

If you're looking for a final flourish for your interior, then don't go down this route. A panoramic wallcovering is your starting point, a source of inspiration for shaping your interior design. Combine it with matching accent furniture, accessories, and lighting to create a unique, characterful interior.

Try the Arte configurator

Check the handy Arte configurator to see how our panoramics would look in your own home. Enter the dimensions and move the panoramic wallcovering around until it's positioned right where you want it to be. Download the results and get started!