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Tropique à la limite. Selva illustrates the tropical beauty of nature through the use of natural materials, warm hues and rough relief structures. In this tactile collection, the inscrutable jungle serves as the ultimate source of inspiration. The shadow play of light and dark creates an extra dimension so that the materials used come into their own.

PandanWickerwork in tile shape is inspired by the tropical plant pandan. The fibres of this plant are diagonally cut into strips and are interwoven. The clean, diagonal lines appear less abstract thanks to the natural look and feel.

CortezaA subtle stripe pattern, inspired by the bark of banana trees. Thanks to the herringbone shape, the motif plays with light and shadow so that the design varies according to the incidence of light.

Capas The overlapping banana leaves create a calm whole because the strips are unrecognisable. This semi plain charms with its tile composition and the soft, pronounced relief.

Abanico The fan shape of the composition of pandan leaves provides a subtle "collage look". The pronounced relief of the design gives extra depth and contrast.

MusaThe leaves of the banana plant depict the tropics. This print stands out figuratively in its naturalness and literally in the luxurious finish in metallic lustre.

ItayaThis print is inspired by the Itaya palm tree from the Amazon. There is more or less contrast depending on the choice of colour.