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The magic forest

We feel connected to the Earth and like to have a touch of nature in our homes: the botanical trend remains popular in 2016. We not only give plants a prominent place in our homes, but we also incorporate nature into interior design elements. With the Ligna wallcovering from Arte, you not only see nature in your home, but you can feel it too. Run your fingers over the wallcovering, and you will imagine yourself in a forest, without having to put your boots on!

The plant realm is full of surprises. It is a magical place that is home to a vast range of flora and fauna. You can come across some very special scenes with tall tree trunks, a luxuriance of plants and strange creatures. Every life form has its own story to tell, just like the varied patterns of Ligna. The appearance of the collection is exceptional: there is barely any repetition in the designs, which creates a very natural effect. Taking the forest for inspiration, Arte has created seven designs that bring this mysterious plant kingdom into your home.

Decorative insectsScared of creepy-crawlies? Don't worry, these insects stay motionless on the wall. You can create a cheerful home atmosphere with the Wings design. This design contains all sorts of winged insects that decorate your wall. The insects are given a completely new, stylish image thanks to the metallic effect! The wood in the background makes it a really lifelike setting.

The calming effect of woodWoodgrain provides the veins of the trees: they reflect a tree's life story. The Axedo design reflects a natural, calming atmosphere and brings a warm atmosphere into your home with its gentle colour and woodgrain structure. The geometric touch gives a playful effect. Axedo comes in six colours, including blue-grey: a colour which will ornament many interiors in the forthcoming season.

The laws of natureNature has its own rules, but that doesn't mean we always have to follow them. They offer us a rich green world full of inspiration. Canopy plays with the natural structure of plants. The result is a geometrical interplay with climbing plants in an unusual context. The shiny effect takes the wallcovering to a higher level. Plants have never had such a sumptuous image before!

Geometrical honeycombThis drawing challenges you to use your imagination. Hive consists of inserts with a wood structure on a substrate of shiny film. The film appears in fine lines between the inserts, creating a hexagonal shape. In some colour combinations, they have a bright colour, in others a gentler, silvery sheen.

In flightHover depicts birds in their most natural form. Anyone who comes closer will see that the silhouettes consist of fine lines. Here too, the wood look in the background ensures that the forest never seems far away.

The roots of the forestTree roots establish themselves in the soil so that they can take up as much nourishment as possible. They are an essential element in keeping a plant alive. Roots is an ode to this foundation of the plant realm. Purity and simplicity are the key features (or rather the roots) of this design.

Woven steppe landscapeScope is a plain wallcovering that comes in 12 different colours. This design is inspired by a steppe, a treeless, vast landscape mostly of grasses. The grass structure is the perfect match for the other designs, which each bring nature into the home in their own way. The woven finish gives Scope a soft look, making it a very versatile design.



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