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Enhance the space with a wallcovering that embraces the essence of Yugen, the Japanese concept of sophistication and mystery. Narrow, vertical rectangles with an uneven texture create a beguiling 3D effect, reminiscent of an abstract interpretation of small metro tiles. This wallcovering is not only visually appealing, but also tangibly seductive. The suede look creates a strokable effect that adds a sense of luxury and comfort.

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Yugen Damson 72500
Product category Couture
Composition 3D textile wallcovering on non-woven backing
Description A captivating 3D effect thanks to narrow vertical rectangles and an uneven relief, with a suede-look finish
Dimensions Width 120 cm (47.24"), sold by the linear metre/yard
Pattern repeat Free match 0 cm (0.00"), respecting the design height of 29 cm (11.42")
Remark Stain repellent and positive acoustic effect
Adhesive Arte Clearpro or a good quality dispersion adhesive
How to paste Paste the wall
Light resistance Good lightfastness
How to remove Strippable
Fire retardant EU D-s1, d0
Fire retardant US Class A
Maintenance Spongeable during hanging (dab away damp glue)
Spec sheet
Instruction videos Hanging 3D wallcovering on non-woven backing

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Clearpro adhesive is available in containers of 2 kg (sold per 4), 5 kg and 15 kg.


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