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For 2024's edition of Milano Design Week, the leading international event for the design industry which is held annually in Milan, Arte has joined forces with Baxter, another luxury designer brand. The result of this collaboration will be unveiled during the fabulous Baxter Garden Party on 19 April. 

Balata Garden

Traditionally the Baxter Garden Party is the annual closer and one of the highlights of the Milano Design Week. This year, Arte is adding a fabulous flourish to the event with luxury wallcoverings on elegant folding screens. At the exclusive party, Arte also presents the Balata Garden design, specially crafted for this prestigious event.

Arte creates sensational décor for the fabulous Baxter Garden Party

The Balata Garden design

The Balata Garden design is a dreamy portrayal of an exotic setting in rich, dark hues, printed on soft fabric, which will be unveiled at the exclusive Baxter Garden Party.

Two very innovative families

Arte has collaborated with Baxter before, notably on photoshoots. The two brands have much in common and complement each other beautifully. Both are family-owned businesses, deeply rooted in the cultures from which they emerged. Baxter, led by Luigi and his nephew Paolo Bestetti from Italy, designs and produces luxury furniture. Arte, run by Belgian brothers Steven and Philippe Desart, is a curator and producer of high-end wallcoverings. The passion for exceptional materials and an innovative mindset is embedded in both companies' DNA.