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Profilo corner guards


Professional corner guards

Perfectly finished corners and arches thanks to Profilo corner guards.
Also ideal to seamlessly join two different types of wallpaper at the corners.

  • The perfect finishing touch
    Framing outside corners
    Neatly joins two different wallcoverings at a corner
    Framing arches: creates a nice division between the curved and flat sections of a wall

    High-quality corner guards as a decorative solution
    Reinforces outside corners
    Can be painted in a colour that matches the wallpaper
    Does not discolour (UV-resistant)
    Flame-retardant, German standard B1 (DIN 4102), self-extinguishing

    User-friendly and durable
    Easy to apply
    Angle adjustable from 90° to 180°
    When the wallcovering is removed, Profilo remains in place and can be reused without any problems

    1 corner guard = 2,60 m
    Rolled up in a box
    Available in boxes of 20 or 40 corner guards

  • - Make sure the corner guard is at room temperature so it stays flexible when you start.
    - Fold the corner guard into the desired angle and cut it to length. If the standard length of 2.60 m is not sufficient, a section of a second corner guard can easily be added on.
    - Affix Profilo to a clean surface while using an assembly adhesive.
    - Level out the transition between the corner guard and the wall using an indoor filler.This ensures that there is no difference in the levels of the two areas and that after wallpapering only the fillet is visible.
    - Paint Profilo (if required) in a colour that matches the wallcovering. Use paint that is suitable for PVC.
    - Now affix the wallcovering to the raised part of the corner guard and cut away the surplus wallcovering.