wallcoverings for the ultimate in refinement
wallcoverings for the ultimate in refinement


Moooi Wallcovering Memento Moooi

Collection Moooi Wallcovering Memento Moooi Pattern

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Arte and Moooi are launching a new wallcovering collection in 2022 inspired by new Extinct Animals that celebrate life, love, and happiness. Like the current Moooi Wallcovering designs, this collection will be made from unexpected and luxurious materials. A collection in harmonious colours that brings joy and balance.

Mimic Moth

Meet the Mimic Moth, a recently discovered Extinct Animal. This “chameleon of the Lepidoptera family” loved to flutter day and night, unlike its nocturnal brothers and sisters. This 3D wallcovering with a soft suede look is inspired by the Mimic Moth’s shape and habitat. The wallcovering’s design is made up of embossed Mimic Moths surrounded by its favourite flowers.

Queen Cobra
Meet the Queen Cobra. Majestic looking snakes that were called so because of their long coiling hairs resembling the hairstyle of Queen Tanjii of Kemet. According to old scriptures, the snakes were gold-coloured and didn’t have scales. Their skin seemed made of dried grass. The wallcovering Queen Cobra is made from hand-woven sisal fibres, inspired by the Queen Cobra’s rhythmic curves and grassy habitat. The design comprises round overlapping shapes in a pattern with a hypnotic feel to it.