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Les Forêts

Collection Les Forêts Pattern

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As the name of the collection suggests, Les Forêts is an ode to the mysterious atmosphere of a dense forest. Natural materials such as bark, raffia and wood, combined with forest patterns, instantly whisk you off on an imaginary walk through the woods.

This collection draws its strength from the interaction between contrasting natural materials. The contrasts create an interesting field of tension and allow the designs to combine beautifully within one interior.

Les Forêts also plays with formats and textures. Large block patterns next to an ultra-fine weave, an extremely detailed design next to a rougher weave pattern: these unexpected combinations come together to form a fascinating whole.

DioréDioré is a wonderful print on a high-pile textile. It is a contemporary, more abstract interpretation of classic tapestries. Thanks to the high quality of the textile and the colour nuances in the design, this wallcovering can barely be distinguished from a hand-tufted carpet. The design owes its name to the protected Forêt de Dioré on the island of Réunion. x

InfiniInfini consists of a combination of paper thread and banana leaf, a natural material that is woven and dyed by hand. The fibres absorb the dye unevenly during this process, an effect specific to this natural product. The result is a textile with many different shades and a lively effect on the wall. The small knots are minor imperfections in the natural material that emphasise its authenticity.

TintoThe Tinto design is made from the bark of the banana tree. The bark is dyed in natural colours with numerous different shades. The wide strips are woven manually into a checkerboard pattern and then cut into tiles. Finally, these tiles are arranged in a tight pattern.

ÉclatÉclat – French for shine – proudly boasts a large block pattern. A thin layer of real cork gives this design a sturdy look, softened by the subtle sheen that shimmers through the cork here and there.

TresseThe Tresse design brings a playful note to the collection with a print of casual braids made of natural fibres. Some are very finely braided, while others are a little thicker. A thin layer of velour ensures a soft finish and accentuates the natural print. 

AjouraThanks to the fine framework in the drawing, it feels as if you are admiring the forest from a log cabin. The material also makes you dream: Ajoura is made of real wood. The high-quality wood veneer gives an impression of an etching in which the shades of colour bring the scene to life even more.

RubanThe Ruban design plays with different thicknesses. Narrow raffia strips are glued by hand to a non-woven backing, which in turn is cut into wider strips. These strips are woven into a whole using an ultra-fine thread, ensuring a successful interplay of narrow and wide.