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Gitane charms with its exuberance! It takes you on a world trip from Tibet to Zimbabwe and to the beautiful Italian flower fields. It plays with eclectic scenes and patterns, which gives it an awe-inspiring appearance. The varied mix of materials and the colour palette contribute to a striking whole. Maximalism has no rules – nothing is too crazy. And that is exactly what makes this style so much fun. It is also an extension of your personality. A wallcovering with character and impact? That is Gitane!

The inspiration comes from a traditional woven basket from Zimbabwe, called nongo. The natural look of this plain pattern in combination with the fine wickerwork provide structure to the wall.

You see a patchwork of irregular rectangles. Imperfections give the pattern extra charm. The wallcovering is based on coarsely woven linen.

Janela surprises with a geometric print on a linen-looking background. The design is a contemporary interpretation of an artisanal block print on textile. This unmatchable ethnic pattern has a unique, artistic feel.

This ethnic pattern with folklore colours is based on an interpretation of natural wickerwork. It carries you along on an endless stream of geometric waves.

This colourful pattern, based on a hand painting, shows a cheerful scene from the Ottoman Empire. There are countless things to discover. The wallcovering imitates very fine silk. A true statement piece!

Fiori Antichi
This elegant pattern shows a detailed floral print. It draws its inspiration from vintage fabrics that give a rich feeling. The frivolous drawing comes into its own with the linen effect and subtle metal accent.

This bold design illustrates Tibetan tigers in an eclectic way. Tiger carpets are important in Tibet for meditation and they protect against negativity. The unique pearl on linen shines because of the metal touch. There are subtle references to the Tibetan culture.