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wallcoverings for the ultimate in refinement


Flamant Suite V - Mystic Impressions

Collection Flamant Suite V - Mystic Impressions Pattern

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Flamant Suite V - Mystic Impressions
It just has to be said. Whenever two parties like Arte and Flamant join forces, the result is sure to be magnificent. For this collection of wallcoverings, Flamant Suite V - Mystic Impressions, they immersed themselves in archives and antique books in search of 19th century floral patterns. Flower and leaf patterns were immensely popular back then and they were often used to decorate everyday objects, especially in the higher social circles. Despite the advanced age of these antiquated patterns, the collection looks more modern than ever due to its ultra contemporary colour combinations.

The Flamant SuiteV - Mystic Impressions collection is a treasure. It is based on two centuries-old patterns which have each been given a radically new reinterpretation. The first pattern is an informally elegant interplay of flowers and leaves, while the second pattern is somewhat statelier, featuring a round, ribbed vase on a pedestal filled with an extravagant bouquet. Another special feature of this collection is that the wallcoverings are not smooth. Instead, both prints seem to have been stippled onto a linen background. The linen structure is clearly present and can be both seen and felt.

Unusual beautyThere are yet more special elements that make for an outstanding collection. The tints and colour combinations are extremely unusual. It is difficult to describe them on paper as the effect has to be seen to be believed. Admittedly, dark blue, grey and black; grey, beige and brown or cream, beige and red are not exactly obvious colour combinations. Each combination, however, will give you that special, popular weathered effect. The linen structure also adds a touch of roughness, or texture. All this in combination creates a somewhat mysterious overall effect.

FilteredThe floral patterns are more prominent in some colour combinations than others. However, they never dominate the wallcoverings, which could be compared to fine damask. It is a look you will never get bored of, especially as the two floral patterns combine perfectly with the plain linen wallcoverings from previous Flamant collections.