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Costura draws its inspiration from traditional craftsmanship with textiles as the starting point. All designs are formed with needle and thread. They are translated into motifs with striking stitching and impressive patchwork. Diagonal lines and surprising prints alternate in this unique collection based on handicraft.

Used silk fabrics that are given a second life on the wall are the inspirational idea behind this collection. Combinations of different large surfaces of textile produce a frivolous and irregular patchwork. The different colours, with a subtle watercolour appearance, catch the eye and create an expressive interior.

Bojagi is the result of a traditional Korean sewing technique where the stitching and pattern attract your attention. Originally, they were traditional Korean wrapping cloths made from scraps of leftover fabric. The geometric shapes create an irregular patchwork with an open linen look. The tone-on-tone colour palette provides a calm feeling.

Gabarit refers to a calibrated pattern or template and produces a stylish bicolour contrast. The horizontal lines of the patchwork make your interior look larger.

In its resemblance of coarsely woven linen, horizontal and vertical lines alternate. As a result, you get a subtle structure on the wall. Soft colour nuances bring tranquillity to the simple canvas.

Botanis is a nod to the monstera and palm plants. The tropical design is given relief thanks to the embroidery technique used. The coarse stitching and contrasting colours stand out against a calm linen background.

Brush marks give Manchas a contemporary and realistic paint effect. The diagonal lines are reminiscent of denim or textile. These two effects create much structure on the wall in a subtle way.