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The beauty of imperfection

Discover and appreciate the power of flaws and imperfection. The transience of life and the pure quality of nature bring us back to the essence: authenticity and simplicity. The asymmetry and diverse shapes and structures providing an unexpected harmony. The materials used in all their roughness and purity come into their own and receive full attention.

Inspired by hand-woven, open raffia patchwork where the surfaces are stitched together in varying sizes. The natural movement of the loose fabric characterises the pattern. The uneven threads vary in thickness, revealing shade and depth.

The resemblance to enamel pottery is undeniable. The inspiration was found in weathered paint and dried earth, creating a patinated effect. The glazed pattern is a spectacular and sophisticated eye-catcher in everyone's interior.

This intriguing pattern has a subtle three-dimensional effect through the rendering of open woven sisal patchwork in different directions. The sisal threads are uneven and have a rough character, allowing the imperfections come into their own.

Lustro has a travertine or marble look. The different layers of stone are clearly visible as are the irregular pores which are typical of this material. The shimmer of minerals, the layering of stone and the imperfections unite luxury, roughness and purity.

This is anything but a classic snakeskin imitation. This abstract interpretation of reptile skin subtly conveys an organic and animalistic touch.

The inspiration for Linea is pottery into which pigment is washed. The play of matt and gloss creating a surprising feature. The fine, straight lines vary in thickness, forming a natural and graceful look.

Coarse brushstrokes are magnified in an artistic way. The expressive and artisanal nature is captured in paint by the high-gloss finish that contrasts with the ultra-matt chalk background.

Timber is inspired by the unique structure of wood. Notice the expanding effect created by the smooth grain structure.