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Ferdy and Michel have clearly embraced their inner maximalists for their interior. "Go bold or go home" is their maxim. "Do you like something but wonder whether it may be too much? Then that's when you simply must do it!" Do the couple practice what they preach? Take a peek inside their inspiring home, complete with a gold staircase, an eccentric art collection and wallpaper on the patio, to find out!

The Grand Transformation

Meet interior designers Michel and Ferdy, the creative minds behind Mr.Mr.Living. The couple bought their house move-in ready even though the interior was very much not their vibe. "We lived in it as it was for a while, making a few minor adjustments here and there, repainting and wallpapering some of the walls." After a year and a half, they had a very good idea of the direction they wanted to take their home in, and the Grand Transformation began. The kitchen, the bathroom and the floors were all ripped out. The next step was the interior design concept, after which all the walls received a fresh coat of paint or some new wallpaper.

The audacious duo even went as far as using wallpaper on their covered patio

Gold wallpaper

They started by thinking about the basics. "We're forever changing something in the interior, which is why we needed an easy-going framework to work with so we could really go to town on the décor!" Initially, Michel wanted a gold kitchen, but they soon shelved that idea. After all, who wants to replace their kitchen every two years? "But we ended up settling on gold wallpaper instead," he says with a grin.

We needed an easy-going framework so we could really go to town on the décor

When they say they like to shake up things regularly, you can take their word for it. They frequently add new accessories to their home, but that's not all. A striking wallpaper that's been on the wall for two years? High time for a refresh. The pair recently gave their bedroom a total make-over, swapping warm burgundy hues for something completely different. "We wanted to create a fresh French Riviera vibe with crisp greens. It's a complete shift from our previous décor, which we liked a lot. But we really love the result!"

So how do they go about designing a space from scratch? "We used the same approach in our house as we apply to all our projects. We always start by deciding what to do with the walls and look for suitable wallcoverings. The next step is to match everything else with the walls: the decorative items, furniture, curtains and so on."

Photography: Lotte van Uittert

Go crazy

Do they have any tips to share with other maximalist design lovers? "Go crazy!", they say. "Do you have something in mind, but worry that it may be too over the top? Just do it. Why do you think we have a gold staircase in our living room? We asked ourselves: is it simply too much? We'd never seen anything like it before, and perhaps brass wasn't even suitable for a staircase! But that's what we wanted, so we went ahead and did it. In the worst-case scenario, you can always change it back. Another valuable tip: look for artworks you like because they make your interior feel more personal, adding a unique twist."

Create your own style

You can't help but notice how well this home's interior reflects the personalities of its occupants. And yet, they didn't make a conscious effort – it just happened. "We love fashion and interior design, it's our passion. If we had to choose between buying a new television or a beautiful vase, it'd always be the vase!" Naturally, they went in no holds barred, buying what they found beautiful and throwing out the rule book. Michel prefers a chic interior, with gold being his go-to colour, whereas Ferdy's taste is slightly more modern and he has a passion for offbeat art. But they both adore orange, as you can tell by their interior!