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Arte Easypro wallcovering remover

Arte Easypro is a gel that effortlessly removes old layers of wallpaper and wallcoverings.

- removes all types of wallpaper, including glass fabric
- works on any type of wall, including plasterboard
- does not penetrate the base: after the wallpaper is removed, you can continue working immediately
- does not damage the wall
- has a slight sealing effect
- ready to use
- splash-free & spreads easily
- pH neutral & biodegradable
- coverage: 5 l = ± 30 m²

5 l (Article number: EASPRO5)


Apply with a long-haired roller. Use a brush on skirting boards and in corners.
Always let it soak in for a sufficient time. Estimate: 20 minutes.
Always pull the strips of wallpaper off the wall from top to bottom.

- Pour the gel into a paint bucket.
- The gel must be able to penetrate the wallpaper to the glue. Always test it on a small piece first and let it soak in.
- If the gel has penetrated into the wallpaper after the exposure time, apply it over the entire surface and allow it to soak in.
- For extra thick wallpaper (3D wallcovering, for example), apply a second coat and let it soak again.
- Then pull the strips off the wall from top to bottom.
- If the wallpaper is not permeable, check whether you can strip off the top layer. If this is easy, remove this top layer of the wallpaper.
- Apply Easypro to the base layer and let it soak in. Then pull this layer off the wall.
- If the top layer cannot be stripped off, sand it lightly.
- Apply Easypro and let it soak in. Then pull the wallpaper off the wall.

Consumer information sheet
Arte Easypro Safety data sheet