wallcoverings for the ultimate in refinement
wallcoverings for the ultimate in refinement


Which adhesive should I use?

As the vast majority of our wallcoverings are non-woven backed, we have developed Clearpro, a special adhesive for this type of wallcovering.

It is an extremely easy and ready-to-use adhesive that guarantees perfect results. The adhesive has an extremely long open time, as well as a strong initial tack. The first feature allows you to work comfortably and makes it possible to move the wallcovering easily against the adhesive. The second feature ensures optimal and fast adhesion, to reduce the risk of open seams to an absolute minimum.
Click here for more info on Clearpro or watch the instruction video.

For other wallcoverings (e.g. paper-backed wallcoverings), we recommend Metyl Speciaal adhesive, sometimes with the addition of PVC adhesive (white wall lining adhesive). We recommend that you always consult the accompanying instructions for the correct preparation ratios.