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Monsoon 2.0

Collection Monsoon 2.0 Pattern

Pattern repeat and 20 cm waste per drop are taken into account.


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Tropical rainforests have always appealed to our imagination. Possibly because they are so rare. Or maybe because we find the exotic aspect too fascinating for words. We are amazed by the incredible biodiversity in these forests as well as by the overwhelming plant growth. And this was our greatest source of inspiration for this collection.

Arrow & Symbol
Want to try a bit of tribal? Arte can provide a playful and stylish interpretation with the Arrow and Symbol patterns. The parallel and pointed converging lines do more than just create a relief effect, they also create an exotic feel. The pattern is available in a multi-coloured pattern (Arrow) and a monochrome alternative (Symbol).

A surprising pattern with irregular polygons which gives the illusion of relief and fits in perfectly with any interior. The lustrous finish challenges the light, absorbing or reflecting it.

The leaves of the banana plant depict the tropics. This print stands out figuratively in its naturalness and literally in the luxurious finish in metallic lustre.

Sabal refers to the graceful leaves of the eponymous palm tree. Just look at these large, waving palm tree leaves and you will experience a sense of tranquillity.

This print is inspired by the Itaya palm tree from the Amazon. There is more or less contrast depending on the choice of colour.



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