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wallcoverings for the ultimate in refinement



Collection Masquerade Pattern

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A magnificent example of neo-retro

A little while ago, Arte launched a collection called Camouflage. The moiré effect of the wallcoverings makes this collection unique. Today, approximately one year after the launch a sequel to the collection has been produced.And not just any old sequel, but a true enhancement. This collection has been given a name of its own - Masquerade. In terms of ambiance this new creation retains the same style, but is even more chic. And Arte has succeeded yet again in creating something unique that offers the advantage of leaving not just a classic, but also an ultra-modern signature on interiors.

It is perhaps helpful to explain exactly what moiré means. The French term refers to the pattern that is created when two lines – or threads when talking about a fabric – are overlaid at an angle. If you place two thin fabrics, where you can see the weave of the fibres clearly, over each other and one of the fibres turns slightly to the left or the right, you get what is called a moiré pattern. This effect was used in pop art for instance because it drew attention and challenged ones visual faculty.

Movement and sheenMoiré creates an impression of something that is in constant movement. It produces wavy patterns and a beautiful sheen. In the Masquerade collection however, this is just the background because a stunning motif is overlaid on top of it. In this collection you can choose from two very striking prints. One drawing is of a peacock that parades over the wall swaying its decorative tail.The other drawing is a rich and symmetrical medallion. Extremely stately and stylish.

PreciousThe collection features no less than 15 different colours. Precious colours that are flattering and lend a regal look to all interiors. Light and dark shades offer a multitude of opportunities for creating different combinations with the plain models in the Camouflage collection.