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Follow the ethnic trend with handmade wallcovering

Arte, the wallcovering specialist, is frequently inspired by Mother Nature, be it at home, or further afield. After all, nature embodies authenticity and purity, two things that many of us hanker for. The brand sometimes goes just that little bit further too, by incorporating natural elements in its collections. Take for example our new handmade Insero wallcovering collection, in which jute plays the lead role.

We strive towards authenticity in its purest form, and this is something which is often to be found in nature. As such, ethnic hues continue to take our interiors by storm. Tropical plants and flowers transform our home into a verdant oasis, whereas bamboo, or fibres such as sisal, exude pure exoticism. Jute, likewise, slots into this trend. Its material robustness and unique imperfections welcome nature inside. A fitting example is Insero; a handmade wallcovering collection, using jute. It slots peftectly into rustic interiors, yet also contrasts exceedingly well with an interior packed with lovely, sleek elements.

Jute – a bast fibre woven material – is exceptionally robust, sustainable and environmentally-friendly. However, the utilisation of jute for wallcovering is unique. You see, incorporating this material into a wallcovering isn’t a simple matter, as it demands patience and precision. To guarantee maximum colour fastness, the jute in Insero was additionally treated. Meaning it doesn’t discolour or fade over time. The collection comprises four designs: Diagonal, Mix, Align and Uno.

Woven patternWith Uno, broad strips of jute are adhered together, with the result that the edges overlap. This creates a beautiful, subtle effect, and leaves this design just shy of smooth. Uno stands out in its simplicity, whilst the woven pattern creates an authentic, natural look & feel.

Fully contrasting opulenceA foil lustre creates the Diagonal look. The design illustrates perfectly how contrasting materials – in this instance jute and foil – enhance one another. Close up you can see how some pieces of jute are more finely woven than others. This subtle contrast lends the chevron pattern a luxurious touch.

PatchworkAlign is a patchwork design in which random sections of jute are roughly stitched together. By working with a metal pigment base, the design acquires a subtle lustre. The Align pattern has an amplifying effect thanks to its vertical dynamics. The subtle colour modulations add to this effect.

EccentricThe eccentric Mix design is a little more eclectic than its delineated Diagonal counterpart. Ideal for design enthusiasts with pronounced taste. Like Align, the print comprises random patchworking, offering a unique effect time and again.



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